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As she walked forwards she said in an almost whisper "I need to ask you something" "It was me! Like my brain wanted to just pull off the band-aid and get this over with. She stood silently, her face looking like it was trying to find the words. It was then that I realised I was still bottomless, absent mindedly playing with myself while having a face-to-face conversation with my sister. As out hips got closer together I felt Chloe's hand rest on the outside of my thigh before she started stroking it back and forth. "I can feel your wetness all over your legs" "Yeah, I wasn't kidding about the squirting. So yeah, I thought you were just watching and was curious to see who or what you were watching, so I went through cams until I heard the tip sounds match up. " "You're not going to kick me out for camming in your spare room? I panicked and pulled my hand under the duvet" "You weren't just watching me, were you? My body convulsed sending wave after wave of pleasure through me, every part of me consumed by my orgasm.Holding my head down on your cock as you blew a huge load down my throat.

I immediately started to regret my decision to reveal myself. After I woke up on the sofa I came up to my room, I heard the tip sounds through the wall" "Are you being serious? Like someone who just found out they were being cheated on. I should have switched it off, never mind talking to you, tipping you... I understand if you feel betrayed and are mad at me. Her gaze caught mine and we locked eyes as the strongest wave of my orgasm hit me. Her eyes had moved from my gaze and she was now just watching my hand move in little gentle circles over my clit, lips and hole, moving effortlessly through the skin and wetness. Maybe not like this, but I had my suspicions" "I'm in to most things, if I'm honest" she replied nonchalantly. Basically I'll try anything as long as it doesn't involve shit, kids or animals" "That's a fair list of exceptions" I answered honestly. They're not the kinds of places for people who keep count" "Gang bangs?

I got drunk with my wild best friend & her boyfriend, instead. I believed you, which pretty well ensured that you wouldn't have to.

After they passed out, I went out to walk the dogs in frustrated, horny misery & much to my surprise, ran into you. You just ordered me to go put the dogs up & come smoke a bowl. I know now that you would have done it on this particular night.

God knows what camgirls end up saying to get off strangers over the internet. Instead, the door opened slowly until I could eventually see Chloe stood in the dimly lit hallway looking into my room. "After appearing to consider her words for a second, she said "You are easily one of the most genuinely attractive people I've ever met. I mean, why wouldn't I, I guess" "Yeah, we've gone right off the edge of morality here, huh? I smiled, wriggled my bare legs under the duvet and held a corner up for Chloe. They don't seem like the kinda places people who would be wierded out by siblings being involved" Chloe chuckled. " "Well I'm no prude but I still think you have the experience over me. She lay there, listening intently as she cupped one ass cheek, her fingers tucked around the curve of my ass, getting immensely close to my pussy. I saw her sit on one of her bedposts once, no kidding" Chloe's eyes started to close as she was imagining the scene I was painting for her.

I waited on my bed, wrapped in my duvet, my face still flush from a combination of almost orgasming, fear, and embarrassment. She was now considerably more dressed than when I'd been watching her a few minutes earlier. " "Well c'mon, it's not like either of us can get pregnant is it? "Yeah, I'm sure that defence will stand up in court" I joked as she slapped my bare thigh. "Yeah I don't think that would be a problem." We looked deep in to each others eyes as we talked, the distance between our noses very slowly closing. She adjusted herself so that her arm was under my pillow and propping up my head moving us into more of an embrace. Her fingers continued to rub and explore, eventually brushing over my pussy lips.

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Once in the rock pile, I found a girl aged around 16 or 17yrs old, about 5ft 6ins tall and very shapely.

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