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"Boys have come up to me and asked where I'm from, what church I'm with, how old I am and try to get my number," said Holmes.

Even Baptists can get sidetracked by their hormones, said Gladys Johnson, Youth Director at St. Tiffani Holmes, 15, of Pascagoula, Miss., said she has been approached several times.

"I don't know how many times I've told them to stay with the group," she said, "and I'll drop them off at classes and see them minutes later in the halls or somewhere else." Johnson said she is disappointed because the youth delegates "are supposed to be role models and not run up and down the halls trying to holler at somebody." Still, she knows kids will be kids.

"It's understandable because they are young, and for some it's their first time away from their parents." Ronald Young, 15, came to the convention from Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in East St.

(He, too, thought she was cute, but she didn't learn this for quite some time!

) The two spent about an hour together, making small talk on the drive from Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans, LA.

This is the first time for my wife and I - in Jamaica - and at a AU beach.

We do the optional beach here in town, and have a good time, but kinda keep to ourselves. Thanks We just returned from CTI yesterday (7/12/17), our third trip to CTI.

That gets the attention of adults like Johnson, 53. "We've got more trouble with the boys because they're the wild ones who are out looking for the girls." Johnson said she's had to lecture her youths on the purpose of the convention - learning about Christ, not about the other sex.

Looking for fun (Saint Louis, 63146, MO , Greater St.

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However, Kelly was indecisive about making the jump from college to the NFL, and the Browns decided to move on to other candidates before news of his decision to stay at Oregon broke.

The Browns questioned whether Kelly “was committed to coming to the NFL,” a source said.

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